Radical Trust

The Key to God’s Heart

"Until a person comes to that place of complete trust in God and total surrender to Him, they will never, ever live their fullest and best life possible."

A prolific author and Bible teacher, Sam Tita, delivers the second installment of his PREvail™ Trilogy with the same passion and insight that has made him known as "A fresh and powerful voice in the Christian scene".

Radical Trust is a transformative book that teaches Christians how to tap into the very heart of God. Breach of trust in God was the reason Adam and Eve turned over the earth to Satan and were thereafter banished from their inheritance by being kicked out of the Garden of Eden. Breach of God's trust was also the reason His chosen people of Israel were eventually banished from their inheritance and kicked out of their promised land. In this groundbreaking book, Sam shows his readers how to take practical steps in trust-building, thereby positioning themselves to receive all that God has already provided to His people through Jesus Christ.


Category: Book  |   Published: 2017    |    Author: Tita, Sam

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