Deciding to Know God in a Deeper Way

Be Arrested by His Grace!

In spite of the availability of God’s amazing grace to all persons all over the world, there are many, even Christians, who still fail to make full use of it. They continue to struggle in every area of their lives even though they have complete access to the supernatural provisions of God available in His grace. Sam presents a well-thought-out case for vigorously pursuing a real and personal encounter with God’s grace both for Christians and non-Christians alike. Sam teaches that in order to personally experience the all-encompassing life transformation that is only available in Christ you have to go beyond just accepting Jesus as your personal Savior, to relinquish control of your life to Him. Sam dearly wants you to encounter the eternal loving and all-powerful God in a new and practical way, and then to lead a productive and joyful life in Christ. Through stories of people in the Bible, his own story, and a selection of a few others who have discovered the deeper well of God’s grace, Sam leads us through a simple process through practical steps so we are brought to a new level of peace, love, and joy we have not known. Sam describes the culmination of the process as being “arrested by God’s grace”. His prayer for you is that through this book you too will be arrested by God’s grace and engage in the most rewarding activity in the world.

Category: Book  |   Published: 2011  | Author: SamTita

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