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At Sam Tita  Ministries we understand the type of help you need to get your life and ministry flourishing. After all, it is our calling to prevail in all aspects of life and ministry. We specialize in making tools to equip you in doing just that. the God in His word calls us to be good stewards of gifts and talents and responsibilities he has given to us, let us partner with your ministry

Understanding God's calling for your life in ministry

Reform your prayer life, make it more effective

Understanding our call as Christians to lead and carry the gospel boldly

The reinvigoration of Kingdom giving, and what it means to radically trust God.

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God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy spirit. Learn how to speak to the heart of God

Radical Prayers Radical Results

A comprehensive guide to a prayer life that sees results.

Radical Trust

Learn about the Key to  God’s heart in this revelatory new book.

Radical Witness

Ever felt timid about sharing your Faith with others. Learn how to rise up boldly!


Sam Tita can be accurately described as a serious Christian who uses church ministry as a privileged platform from which he can bring about positive change, especially in the lives of men. Here at Pickering Pentecostal Church, we have been blessed and have benefited from his leadership skills. In leading our men through a ten-week course entitled, Soul Care for Men, Sam has successfully seen men come to faith in God and many others discipled for Christ.

Colin A. Gittens, Lead Pastor, Pickering Pentecostal Church (The Gathering Place)

Sam Tita is a man of great character and contagious passion. I have known him for many years, since we were both hosts of the CTS television program, Nite Lite Live. When I started producing AT THE CROSS Live (a live, interactive cable TV program), Sam joined our Board of Directors. He has been an invaluable member and regular Host of the program ever since. I can testify to his true love for the Lord, and the saints, and to his commitment to serve in the Kingdom of God in whatever capacity necessary with an attitude of excellence.

Corville Peters | Founder, Executive Producer, and Host | At The Cross Live

Sam Tita is a man with a burning passion for the Kingdom of God, to see the Body of Christ built up and souls directed to heaven. In the era of the 60’s the Church, in the broadest sense, saw a new move of the Holy Spirit. In the 70’s, for a brief period there was a move of God known as ”The Jesus Revolution”. In the 80’s the Church placed a great emphasis on ”Spiritual Warfare”. In the 90’s there was a Christian media explosion, but slowly Christianity has become marginalised and it appears that the Church has lost its way and become passive and ineffectual. Sam Tita’s approach in this ”Radical”series is to stir up the Church, rekindle the fire, pose serious questions and encourage the end time Church to get fired up and again become as ”Radical” as the early Church. I commend this series to you.

Dr. R. Cradock Ph.D. D.Min (Director, Pario Marketing Ltd, UK)

Sam is a man of strong Christian character and is Kingdom minded. He always strives to share the Gospel message in a tangible and effective way. In my years of knowing Sam, I have admired his zeal for life and compassion towards those around him. He has done an incredible work in ministry and business. He always sees the big picture but does not forsake the details. I am excited to see what the Lord has done in Sam’s life and ministry and I look forward to what is ahead.

Pastor Bob Johnston – Lead Pastor, Global Kingdom Ministries

What Is our Mission?
Who are the people behind the operation?

when it comes to a calling like this. God will give you a direction, a mission and voice. We are so excited you found us here. If you are not in rush take a moment to read through some of the cards to get to know  a little more about who we are.

What is our Mission?

We believe that the summit of the Christian life here on earth is service to God in the capacity of one’s gifting, whatever that gifting may be. Our mandate is to teach Christians how to discover their particular gifting and help them determine to pursue service to God in that capacity so that they can enjoy the abundant life as a result of their obedience. This is how revivals break out when we are fully engaged in service to God.
We believe – as found in the Scriptures – that until a Christian is fully engaged in service to God, their life here on earth is incomplete because God created us for His purpose
(Isaiah 43:7, Ephesians 2:10, Psalm 100:3, James 2:7).

Why Was Sam Tita Ministries Started?

There’s much to be said about missions or assignments – when executed diligently they methodically catapult you to your vision. Our vision is the Lord’s, to see all persons repent and come to know Him personally. In order to contribute meaningfully to see this happen, the mission or assignment of Sam Tita Ministries is twofold: firstly, it is to win souls for the kingdom of God by all means within its reach and then disciple them to fulfill the call of every believer to preach the message of the Gospel of Jesus to the ends of the world. That’s it!

In Matthew 9:17, Jesus said: “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.”

At Sam Tita Ministries we have made ourselves available to Jesus for the harvest. If you want in, then join us now.

What is Sam & Naomi's Cultural Background

Sam is descended from a royal family in Cameroon, Africa, and Naomi’s Cultural background is Guyanese, West-Indes. Together they have raised four children.  

Sam and his wife Naomi are co-CEOs of two successful businesses. Sam is the author of several books, and a ministry that impacts thousands across Canada and around the world via TV, speaking, and print media. He and Naomi are co-executive producers of Kingdom Buzz and co-publishers of iiNFLUENCE, a contemporary Christian lifestyle magazine.