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  • “Many Christians claim they don’t have time to pray regularly, as though the time they spend in prayer is for someone else’s benefit. I have learned that spending even only ten minutes with God before engaging in my daily schedule sets the tone for the rest of my day. I tap into His rest and counsel and remind myself of who walks with me. This gives me great confidence as I navigate the minutia of daily living and deal with the many encumbrances along the way.”

    “When you don’t pray, you personally extricate yourself from the divine will of God for your life. Remember, one of the reasons we pray to remain in great relationship with God is because He is our only provision. Jesus never said He is the source of our bread, but that He is our bread.”

    “One of the most unfortunate notions among many Christians is that God needs their prayers. God wants us to pray, but He doesn’t need our prayers. He is God whether we pray or not, and His will and plan for the world will come to pass whether you and I pray or not.”

    “As you pray and stay in close relationship with God, you learn of His love for you. More importantly, you will learn of His nature and character. For example, you learn that He is unchangeable. He is the same today as He was ten thousand years ago, and He will be the same forever. Why is this so important to know? It tells you that God is completely reliable. He does not exist on fads and mankind’s opinion. He does not get weak and weary because of age. He is always good and loving.” Category: Book  |  ISBN: 978-0-9919621-6-7    |     Published: 2015    |    Author: Tita, Sam
  • Knowing God is a decision everyone makes for themselves. God’s always been there, displaying His amazing love and grace in many ways, including His creations. His promises to those who choose to know Him are abundant. Yet until you make the deliberate choice to know God personally, you’re like a leaf in the wind. In this teaching Sam Tita gives you a synopsis of his personal encounter with God from the time he wrote a book cursing God to the time God met him on the streets of Houston Texas to the present victory he experiences with his family in ChristCategory: CD    |   Published: 2009    |   Author: Tita, Sam
  • Be Arrested by His Grace! In spite of the availability of God’s amazing grace to all persons all over the world, there are many, even Christians, who still fail to make full use of it. We spend so much time trying to make things happen, when what we really need to be doing is spending time with God. Sam’s prayer is that through this book you will allow yourself to be arrested by God’s grace, so you can begin to engage in the most rewarding activity in the world – trusting God. Category: Book  |  ISBN: 9781894860451    |     Published: 2011  | Author: Tita, Sam
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    Category: Magazine  |    Publisher: IInfluence Magazine    |    Published: 2013
  • If you love God or believe anything the Bible says, then you must go out and tell the world about it. The most awesome gift God has given to the world is the gift of salvation. For many there have even been miracles in their lives in the form of healing, financial breakthroughs, restored marriages and many others. Yet most believers simply sit on their testimonies and refuse to bring God glory by testifying of His goodness and His grace. If you’re not testifying as though it would hurt you to keep your mouth shut, then you must order this CD. Category: CD    |     Published: 2008    |   Author: Tita, Sam
  •   Category: Book  |  ISBN:    |     Published: 2017    |    Author: Tita, Sam
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