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Dear friend,

Thank you for connecting with our ministry and the work God has called us to do in our generation. While we are involved in feeding the hungry, clothing those in need, and other giving-endeavours via partnerships with other trusted Christian charities, our core mandate remains to build up members of the Body of Christ and to propel them into their God-ordained destinies.

We believe that the summit of the Christian life here on earth is service to God in the capacity of one’s gifting, whatever that gifting may be. Our mandate is to teach Christians how to discover their particular gifting and help them determine to pursue service to God in that capacity, so that they can enjoy the abundant life as a result of their obedience. This is how revivals break out, when we are fully engaged in service to God.

We believe – as found in the Scriptures – that until a Christian is fully engaged in service to God, their life here on earth is incomplete because God created us for His purpose (Isaiah 43:7, Ephesians 2:10, Psalm 100:3, James 2:7).

Your donation to Sam Tita Ministries helps us continue doing this very important work. We are not a registered charity and do not issue receipts for tax purposes. We invest tens of thousands of dollars of our own every year into this work, even though we can’t write it off. The reason is that our dependence is on God and our reward comes from Him.

With love and gratitude,

Sam & Naomi Tita



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